Useful Cricket Coaching Equipment

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With the rapid move in technology, cricket coaching equipment has become more advanced over the years, making training sessions more valuable than ever before. Depending on the level and age group of players, it’s important the correct equipment is used in preparation for game day. Equipment must be updated and maintained regularly so players can train to […]

Junior Cricket Coaching Tips

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Transforming a junior cricket team from under achievers to champions won’t happen overnight. However, with a positive attitude and willingness to teach the game, the possibility of winning is certainly more likely. Guides and recommendations have been flaunted around the cricketing world on how to coach a winning junior side, but the simple explanation is […]

Cricket Coaching For Kids

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Bringing kids into the world of cricket can not only be a whole of fun, but a rewarding and satisfying experience, knowing you have given youngsters a solid platform they can only build on throughout their cricketing future. What may seem a difficult and tedious operation to begin with, the key to being a successful […]

Cricket Coaching Tips

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Your main objective as a coach is to bring the best out of players, preparing them for every challenge ahead. Coaches must teach players to train as they would play, making sure all the basics are practiced thoroughally before every match. As a coach there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your team succeed on […]

Cricket Batting Tips

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The art of successful batting cannot be achieved overnight, but with constant practice it can steadily improve. Before going out to the field of play, batsman must prepare not only physically, but mentally as the game of cricket also has its psychological elements. Some of the best batsman today succeed at many important factors in […]