Batting: The Grip

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The Grip

The grip is how a batsman holds the bay, and learning the correct way to hold a bat is a very important starting point for a young batsman. Starting out with the proper comfortable grip allows a batsman the flexibility and power to pull of a full range of shots.

A right-handed batsman should have the left hand at the top of the bat handle, and the left hander should have their right hand. Both hands should be fairly close together, towards the top. Your hands should form a V, by pointing both your thumb and forefinger down between the outside edge of the bat and the center of back of the bat. Your top hand should rest on the inside of the front left thigh for a right hander, the back of the top hand should face towards extra cover.

How far a player has their hands apart is a personal decision, however, it is important for the player to have a good balance between attacking and defensive shots. Having slightly more space between the hands allows more control of the bat with the bottom hand. Defensive players, or players in a defensive mood will often hold the bat lower, this allows more control over defensive strokes, however, as it limit leverage, it isn’t ideal for aggressive stroke play.

Coaching tip:

A way to get a player to find their natural grip is to asked them to lay the bat face down on the ground with the handle facing toward them. Ask them to pick the bat up with both hands around the middle of the handle.

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  • Lekh Raj Sharma
    September 28, 2011 at 10:29 am |

    Iam giving coaching to young cricketers, so the above tips are very useful towords theri better performance in cricket, thank U sir.

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