Cricket Batting Tips

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The art of successful batting cannot be achieved overnight, but with constant practice it can steadily improve. Before going out to the field of play, batsman must prepare not only physically, but mentally as the game of cricket also has its psychological elements. Some of the best batsman today succeed at many important factors in the game which reflect in their high batting average. These are some of the factors to consider before and during an innings. Preparation It’s important to prepare thoroughally before any innings, making sure you’re fully equipped to score runs at the crease. Firstly, clear your […]

How to Select the Right Cricket Bat

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Choosing the right cricket bat can have a big influence on how you play and the amount of runs you score. Sporting outlets contain a wide variety of bats of different makes, models, sizes and weights which makes the decision tough, one which you must consider thoroughly before purchasing. If you select the right bat, you have the ability to play a better game and become a better batsman. If not, your batting can suffer and struggle to improve. You must take everything into account: Model Cricket manufacturers produce bats tailoring to different player’s styles, such as Kookaburra with Australian […]

Batting: The Grip

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The Grip The grip is how a batsman holds the bay, and learning the correct way to hold a bat is a very important starting point for a young batsman. Starting out with the proper comfortable grip allows a batsman the flexibility and power to pull of a full range of shots. A right-handed batsman should have the left hand at the top of the bat handle, and the left hander should have their right hand. Both hands should be fairly close together, towards the top. Your hands should form a V, by pointing both your thumb and forefinger down […]