Cricket Bowling Tips and Hints

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Bowling the perfect delivery requires the right execution and accuracy, a skill that must be practiced on a regular basis. Some of the best bowlers today combine all the important elements together, resulting in a consistent line and length and the ability to take wickets. Practicing the basics can lead to a better bowling performance and a more confident player. These are the factors you must consider to perform on the field when bowling. Preparation Correct preparation can benefit you throughout a game, preparing yourself mentally and physically for what’s ahead. Relax your mind before every game, focusing on the […]

Bowling Grips For a Pace Bowler

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Seam up delivery The seam up delivery is a ball bowled when you are trying to get movement of the pitch and not through the air. It usually does not swing it usually goes with the angle or seams of the pitch. Out swinger The out swinger is a ball the moves away through the air away from a right handed batsmen or in towards a left hander. It gets a lot of wickets to a right hander through edges or from batsmen playing on. In swinger The in swinger is the most common ball used by international bowlers as […]

Cricket Basics: Bowling Deliveries

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The yorker is a ball usually bowled by a faster bowler which bounces right on the crease line on off stump. The goal is to catch the batsmen by surprise. It is very hard to get away for runs, because it is right on the toes, and will hit on the bottom of the bat. The length ball for a fast bowler is usually the standard ball for a medium or pace bowler. It is bowled at the top of off stump and so the batsmen is unsure weather to play a front foot shot or a back foot shot. […]

Bowling: The slower ball

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The slower ball is a technique used by faster bowler to confuse the batman into playing through a shot too early, by delivering a ball much slower than their regular speed. Using the slower ball is particularly effective in limited overs cricket (One Dayers, or Twenty20) as batman are looking to score fast and s slower ball is not only a great wicket taker, but the ball travels much more slowly to the boundary if hit. As a result it is used regulary in the last 10 over of a one day match, and during batting power-plays. A slower ball […]