Cricket Basics: Bowling Deliveries

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The yorker is a ball usually bowled by a faster bowler which bounces right on the crease line on off stump. The goal is to catch the batsmen by surprise. It is very hard to get away for runs, because it is right on the toes, and will hit on the bottom of the bat.

The length ball for a fast bowler is usually the standard ball for a medium or pace bowler. It is bowled at the top of off stump and so the batsmen is unsure weather to play a front foot shot or a back foot shot. It can be a very dangerous ball when conditions are right. But in the newer forms of cricket like T20 Cricket the length ball can just be the right ball to smash for 6 unless bowled well.

The good length ball for a spinner is slightly different to the length ball for a medium or fast paced bowler. It is flighted up more and turns. It also leaves the batsmen unsure weather to play forward or back and is also very hard to put away for runs.

The bouncer is a ball bowled only by faster bowlers. It requires extra pace and bounce. The ball is bowled short of a good length and rears up into the batsmen’s head and throat. Catching the batsmen by surprise. But if bowled wrong Can be put away with ease by good batsmen for a boundary.

A long hop is a failed attempt at a bouncer. It is bowled to short and fails to get the required lift that surprises the batsmen. It can bounce anywhere between shin and chest height. As it is bowled so short it comes of the pitch very slow giving the batsmen lots of time to react and play an attacking shot.

A half volley is a bad ball to bowl as it gives good batsmen the opportunity to drive the ball.

Like the half volley the full toss Is a bad ball to bowl. It gives the batsmen the opportunity to drive the ball or slog the ball onto the leg side.

The beamer is a dangerous illegal ball which usually bowled by accident by a bowler trying to bowl a yorker. This ball can be extremely dangerous when bowled by a fast bowler or when the batsmen is not wearing a helmet.

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