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Leave and block – A simple defensive stroke where the batsman believes the ball is clearly missing the stumps. No stroke is played, and a defensive stance is taken normally aiming the bat downward.
Drive – A drive is when the batsman plays through the line of the ball with a horizontal bat.
Cut – A cut is a cross batted shot at a short ball aiming it into the offside.
Pull – A pull is a horizontal bat shot at a short ball, pulling the ball leg side in the direction of square leg.
Hook – A hook is a shot played behind leg against a bounce of the ball.
Leg glance – a leg glance is a shot where the ball is glided down the leg side with a slight edge or glance to move the ball outside the keepers line.
Sweep – A sweep is a cross batted shit played across the line of a slower, normally spinning ball, played by moving onto one knee, and sweeping across the line of the ball on the leg side.
Reverse sweep – A reverse sweep is the opposite to the standard sweep playing the ball onto the off side behind the wicket.
Slog – The slog or though common in cricket for a while, has become much more regular in 20Twenty cricket. The slog is a a powerful pull shot hit in the sit over mid wicket, normally in an attempt to hit a six.
Slog sweep – A slog sweet, is a slog played from the knee. It is normally hot much squarer than a regular slog.
Switch hit – A switch shot is where the batsman changes hands to put the bowler off his line. I.e. a right handed batsman switch to the stance of a left handed batsman. This has the advantage of opening the field as it won’t be set for a batsman in that stance. It is risky though. Below is an image showing the areas of the field in which each shit is aimed in.

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