Cricket Bowling Tips and Hints


Bowling the perfect delivery requires the right execution and accuracy, a skill that must be practiced on a regular basis. Some of the best bowlers today combine all the important elements together, resulting in a consistent line and length and the ability to take wickets. Practicing the basics can lead to a better bowling performance and a more confident player. These are the factors you must consider to perform on the field when bowling.


Correct preparation can benefit you throughout a game, preparing yourself mentally and physically for what’s ahead.

  • Relax your mind before every game, focusing on the game plan and your role in the team.
  • Stretch and warm up correctly to prevent injury.
  • Focus on the positives, eliminating all negative thoughts. Set realistic goals you can achieve.

Run Up

Your selected run up is of personal preference, but must suit your overall bowling style.

  • Get a feel for your speed in your run up, making for better rhythm and consistency.
  • Practice your run up which will give you a general feel for the amount of steps you take and footwork when approaching the crease to bowl.
  • If a fast bowler, it is recommended to take 25 to 30 paces back, giving yourself enough range for better speed in your delivery.


An accurate and consistent bowler has every opportunity to take wickets and limit runs conceded against them.

  • Practice bowling from the same spot in the crease as often as you can. This can improve accuracy and consistency.
  • Practice where you want to aim the ball and your variety of good length deliveries. If you can bowl at a set target often, you have the ability to take wickets and force the batsman into a mistake.
  • Make sure your bowling action is tight and straight, making for better accuracy. Having too much sideways movement in your action and affect your flow and bowling, resulting in inaccuracy and extra runs conceded.


If a fast bowler, your speed can be a vital component in beating the batsman. Speed differs from the fast, medium and spin bowlers and must be used accordingly, varying pace from time to time.

  • When fast bowling, aim for a consistent speed and one that’s comfortable, making for accurate and better bowling.
  • Take 25 to 30 paces back, which gives you enough range to build up your speed.
  • Throw the odd slower ball, which can catch the batsman off guard. This can frustrate batsman and force a mistake, sometimes resulting in a dismissal.

Line and Length

Bowling a consistently good line and length can disrupt batsman and force errors. It can also take wickets and limit the amount of runs scored against you, improving your teams chances of victory.

  • Attempt to bowl a delivery than can confuse the batsman, leaving them to play an unnecessary shot.
  • Practice your ideal line and length regularly to improve your bowling.
  • Aim to bowl the ball just outside off stump which can increase the chances of the batsman playing a shot resulting in a caught behind or playing on to the wickets.

Swing Bowling

The art of swing bowling has its positives and can more often than not confuse and disrupt a batsman’s rhythm.

  • Swing bowling is best achieved with the new ball.
  • Select a side of the ball to shine at the start of an innings and inform team mates. Make sure they shine the correct side of the ball, allowing the other side to roughen up as the game progresses. This will enhance the swing and make for a more destructive delivery.
  • If aiming to outswing the ball, aim just outside of off stump, forcing the batsman to play unnecessary shots. This can result in a caught behind or catch in the field.
  • When inswinging, aim to pitch the ball where it can hit in line of the stumps, resulting in a possible LBW decision if it hits the pads.
  • Practice swinging the ball both ways in training, further enhancing your variety of bowling and potential to take wickets when needed.

There are many facets to bowling the perfect delivery, but overall practicing all the key elements regularly can make you a better cricket player and bowler.

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