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Your main objective as a coach is to bring the best out of players, preparing them for every challenge ahead. Coaches must teach players to train as they would play, making sure all the basics are practiced thoroughally before every match. As a coach there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your team succeed on the field of play.

Here are some of the important factors that must be considered to become a successful coach.


As with most sports, preparation is the key to a good performance. Without correct preparation, players can make simple errors during games, resulting in poor results on the field.

  • Teach players to relax properly before every game, thinking positively and eliminating all negative thoughts.
  • Players need to set goals for their upcoming performances, doing all they can when training to achieve this on the field.
  • Before every match, players’ body and mind must be ready. Factors such as the right amount of sleep, nutrition and hydration must be taken seriously before every game.


Positive communication with players is vital in cricket today, working with players to achieve their goals and thrive in a successful environment.

  • Adopt an open attitude with players, coaching with them instead of at them to achieve their maximum potential.
  • Listen to players and what they have to say. Ask questions and be open to answering queries.
  • Use positive communication, eliminating all negative aspects and thoughts from players.

Drill and Basics

Common cricket drills must be practiced in lead up to games, involving as many basic cricketing skills as possible.

  • With batting, work extensively with defense and stoke play. Work with players to ensure proper technique in the nets, practicing footwork, back lift, stance etc. Ensure head and chin is at the proper level, maintaining correct eye contact with the ball.
  • Bowling action and movement must be correct to ensure accurate bowling. Work with players weaknesses to get the basics right, making sure good line and length is achieved regularly.
  • With fielding and catching, throwing the ball over the stumps regularly can improve accuracy and throwing technique. Work with kneeling down in the field to stop the ball and correct catching techniques.


Good fitness is of the up most importance. Train players to endure all facets of the game (Twenty 20, One day, Five day cricket etc)

  • Interval and circuit training is great for endurance, as the amount of time on the field can be at length.
  • Work on movement with players, with plenty of flexibility training.


Cricket has more emphasis on athleticism than build and weight, compared to more physical sports such as Rugby, American Football etc.

  • Maintain a healthy diet, along with regular exercise and fitness training. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables along with a variety of healthy foods, making for more energetic and mentally prepared players.
  • Ensure players maintain correct hydration levels, consuming adequate amounts of water during training and lead up to games.
  • Eat protein rich foods along with training and a balanced diet to build strength.

Coaching a winning team won’t happen over night, but with patience and the ability to teach positively and work with players, success can be at your grasp.

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