Bowling: The slower ball

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The slower ball is a technique used by faster bowler to confuse the batman into playing through a shot too early, by delivering a ball much slower than their regular speed. Using the slower ball is particularly effective in limited overs cricket (One Dayers, or Twenty20) as batman are looking to score fast and s slower ball is not only a great wicket taker, but the ball travels much more slowly to the boundary if hit. As a result it is used regulary in the last 10 over of a one day match, and during batting power-plays. A slower ball […]

Batting: The Grip

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The Grip The grip is how a batsman holds the bay, and learning the correct way to hold a bat is a very important starting point for a young batsman. Starting out with the proper comfortable grip allows a batsman the flexibility and power to pull of a full range of shots. A right-handed batsman should have the left hand at the top of the bat handle, and the left hander should have their right hand. Both hands should be fairly close together, towards the top. Your hands should form a V, by pointing both your thumb and forefinger down […]