Bowling Grips For a Pace Bowler

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Seam up delivery The seam up delivery is a ball bowled when you are trying to get movement of the pitch and not through the air. It usually does not swing it usually goes with the angle or seams of the pitch. Out swinger The out swinger is a ball the moves away through the air away from a right handed batsmen or in towards a left hander. It gets a lot of wickets to a right hander through edges or from batsmen playing on. In swinger The in swinger is the most common ball used by international bowlers as […]

Batting: The Grip

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The Grip The grip is how a batsman holds the bay, and learning the correct way to hold a bat is a very important starting point for a young batsman. Starting out with the proper comfortable grip allows a batsman the flexibility and power to pull of a full range of shots. A right-handed batsman should have the left hand at the top of the bat handle, and the left hander should have their right hand. Both hands should be fairly close together, towards the top. Your hands should form a V, by pointing both your thumb and forefinger down […]